August 4 Election Ballot, Early Voting Starts Friday July 15.

Written by F. Lee Erickson on July 13th, 2016

July 15, 2016
8:00 amto7:00 pm
8:00 amto7:00 pm

Fellow Democrats,

I found the August 4  Election ballot  at the Blount County Election Commission Web Site

Caution this PDF file is confusing. Although the heading of this document says “Official Ballot …” the document contains both the Republican and Democratic primary contests. When you go to vote you will be asked to choose one or the other. When you say Democratic ballot you will got see Jimmy Duncan show up on your ballot but you will see Stewart Starr.    When you go to vote don’t be afraid to speak up and say Democratic out loud.

Lets clear up one more opportunity for confusion. August 4 is an ELECTION for candidates in Blount County. It is a primary for some offices for the November election. We have local Democratic candidates that MUST have your votes if they are to win in this August 4 election.  All residence of Blount County can voter for Jackie Hill for County Clerk. Residence of Blount County Commission District 5 can vote for Homer White for County Commission.

Remember early voting starts July 15. That is this Friday.
See this link for times and locations:

In unyielding hope,

Forrest Lee Erickson
NOTE: This page has been corrected. 
It previously showed an incorrect date for the election.