Battle Ground 2016

Blount County Democrats can make a decisive difference in this election. Here is how:
North Carolina poll Still Neck and Neck!
Scary! Way too close!!! Hillary needs your help In NC.
We must Trounce Trump!!! Are you Fired up and Ready to go to North Carolina?

Laura Mallette

and Cathy Rudder


Volunteering at the HIllary/Michelle event today in Winston-Salem, NC!!
Still room on 56-passenger bus leaving from Knoxville for Oct. 29-30. It’ll be a charter bus with a bathroom. Travel and housing covered for all volunteers. Also a good possibility that each volunteer will get a Hillary Shirt and Button!
RSVP through this link:
Let’s fill the bus…and turn NC blue
Claire is traveling to Asheville on Saturday 10/29. Plans to arrive in time to do shifts from 9 AM to 3 PM and then return to Maryville. She has room for 3 more volunteers!
There will also be a 12 passenger van from Knox area going to Winston Salem on 11/5-6. That is the LAST weekend before Election Day! Please let me know if you are interested in going by van to Winston Salem 11/5-6 or with Claire to Asheville 10/29.
Call, text or email me (Sue Hayne): 865 254-7696 And enter data in link below.

Say you saw this at the Blount County Democratic Party web site Battle Ground 2016 web page.

Sue Hanye Battleground Trip Coordinator